Hurry Up and Wait… Hurry Up and Wait

This is the mantra of adoption: Hurry up and wait… Hurry Up and wait…Many of you would like an update – this is our update … waiting.  It’s like the day after Christmas – the flurry of activity and after all of the Christmas presents are unwrapped you’re sitting down in silence and looking at everything around you.Kind of a let down, kind of what is next kind of …well… just kind of.

But the reason why we have the opportunity to wait… Our home study is complete! that is huge – the PAPERWORK is over (well at least for a year). Home Studies expire after a year….they should last at least 2 years.

The PAPERWORK was complete and turned in.. then it was crunch time to get the house in order.  We weren’t sure what our social worker would be looking for – how clean the closets were? would she check the dust or check under the beds?  We have been in our house for around 12 years; we have a lot of stuff.  so we purged, and purged and purged and purged and cleaned.  Our social worker came to our house – I almost wanted to show her how clean our closets were and how we had dusted and dusted and vacuumed.  But really she didn’t care about how clean the house was, she wanted to talk to Gary and I.  She talked to us separately and then jointly.  It was easy to talk to her about our families, our backgrounds, why we were adopting, and she helped clarify some questions we had.  She was really helpful in discussing Open adoption vs semi open adoption.  After our 2 hour ‘interview’ she spent 10 minutes looking at our house.  We proudly showed her the baby’s room (still with furniture in it), the fire extinguisher, our working fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and we were working on baby proofing cabinets.

We thought it would take her 2 weeks to complete the report.  She knocked it out in 2 days…. 2 days…. she nailed it!! she’s a rockstar!! and we are so appreciative of her.

So now that the Home Study is complete, we are waiting.  We are waiting to be matched with a birth mother.  Some may ask – why did you hurry and knock out the home study?  Well there were a couple of situations that we COULD have been matched and needed the home study completed.  But those situations were not the right ones for us.  So we are waiting… like kids after Christmas… looking at each other like – now what. We know we will be matched but after the flurry of activities we have lived in for the past few weeks it’s quiet.

We are still working on our puzzle fundraiser.  We are around 63% of the goal or $3,784.00!!!! That’s a HUGE blessing and praise.  So thank YOU to all who have purchased a piece (s).

Thanksgiving is 7 days away!!! 7 days away!!! then comes Christmas and New Year’s and before we know it onto Valentine’s Day and then St. Patrick’s Day and then Memorial Day and before we know it we will be enjoying watching fireworks for the 4th of July.

But for now, we are happily being Mr. and Mrs. Walter while we wait.