THE PAPERWORK is done.  I have been carrying around a manila folder with the word “Adoption” written across the cover.  It is my filing system – basically it contained every single piece of our lives in it.  Basically I was walking around with everything that someone who is into stealing IDs would need – like offering it to them on a silver platter – W2, Tax return, Social Security, photo IDs, everything.  Thank you Lord for your protection.  It probably wasn’t the smartest thing in the world, but it was necessary.  Within the file was every form that had to be completed in order to have our home study scheduled.

It’s been a blur since saying “Yes” to our call to adopt a child.  So many events have occurred some I can share and others I can’t.  Just know there are so many things going on and we have called on so many to pray on our behalf for decisions to be made or clarity or peace on a situation or interceding on behalf of someone.  I thought we have been in the process for at least 3 months, i just looked at the calendar – it’s been just over ONE MONTH.  How quickly lives can be changed in ONE MONTH.  We began a blog, began a fundraiser WE ARE CURRENTLY OVER 20% OF OUR GOAL !!!!! (here’s the link:, began the paperwork (finished the paperwork), went on vacation, survived a hurricane, and working and coordinating a high school retreat (still working on this one).  Only by the grace of God we finished these tasks in ONE MONTH.

We knew there was no such thing as a ‘normal’ adoption process but oh my.  We were not prepared for the two situations placed in our lap.  It’s hard to read the background applications of the birth mothers, hard to read about their lives, you can hear them through their paperwork.  All the while thinking – could this child be one who God places in our family? I can share that two birth mothers liked our profile book – one enough to actually want to talk to us on a conference call; however that did not work out.  We continue to lift up the birth mothers and babies in prayers – protection for the mom, protection for the baby, for the prospective parents, that all would go well, peace for both parents – all the same things we are praying for ourselves.

It’s exciting, but also a cautious excitement.  You’re excited to hear positive feedback, but cautious because you know a lot has to happen for it be finalized. But when you have the promises from God saying “Never will I leave you or nor forsake you” or “I know the plans I have for you – plans to prosper and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future”.  We take our concerns to the One who does not change and His promises stand firm.  That is our faith, not a faith built on an adoption case, birth mother or feelings.  But faith built on a firm foundation.

So we are hoping for a slow November.  But I just read November is National Adoption Month! and November 21st is “National Adoption Day”.

So thankful you walking along with us on this journey.  Thank you for thinking/praying/loving us throughout these days.


Gary & Hope

Adoption Photo


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