We invite you to be a “Piece” of this journey

My sister came up with our puzzle fundraiser. Each piece of the puzzle is purchased by a friend or family member or a complete stranger.  Each piece =$20.  We will write the name of the individual or family on the back of the puzzle.  Gary and I will put the puzzle together – which ought to be rather entertaining.

We chose the puzzle with all of the classic Children’s books as we both LOVE reading – our house has too many to count bookcases filled/crammed with books.  We have history, biographies, bibles, bible studies, classics, comics, travel guides, poetry – I’m pretty sure we have all of the genres covered within our bookcases.  So we thought it would be so appropriate to have a puzzle featuring the classics.  Here’s the puzzle:


Puzzles are funny -some people are REALLY good at putting them together well we may be great readers, puzzles are challenging.  I’m reminded of an incident early on in our marriage we were invited to a friend’s house for game night with 3 other couples.  One of the final games was a 40 piece puzzle to see who could assemble it the fastest.  Well we didn’t even have the border completed when we heard “We’re Done!!!!” We just looked at each other and laughed!

We are looking forward to having many people (like 300 people) join us in our journey to bring Baby Walter to our house and into our lives.  We can’t wait to share and show him/her all of our friends and family members and even those we don’t know who had a major part in the journey.  It’s not just a puzzle piece, it’s a reminder of the love that so many people have poured on us and who are going to shower this new Walter with lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Here’s the fundraising link:



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