Every Good and Perfect Gift


Every gift is perfect as it’s coming from The Perfect Gift Giver.  He gives us grace and grace and more grace and when we think we have enough, He pours on more.  We are so thankful for this gift.  One of the many gifts that He has already given to us are the MANY friends and family members who are walking this path with us. I’m sure by the end of it they will feel as if they have adopted a baby too.  We are not even a month into this process and we have had so many encouraging words, hugs, prayers and love poured on us, our future little Walter and for the birth mother.

As we go back and re-read these words, we will be truly amazed at the ways His hand has guided us.  I know that, I have confidence in this promise.  I know (as I’ve already experienced) that this path will not go how in my mind I think it should go.  I know that this isn’t going to be easy nor will it be without bumps and probably some big potholes.  BUT I do know that without a doubt, God will be with us.  And as The Perfect Gift Giver, He will give us the grace to get through this just like He gave us the strength to get through the difficult times about 6 years ago.

6 years ago was the time that we sought medical help to add to our family.  It’s a time that seems like a blur to me – I don’t really remember the time – well I remember the daily shots, blood draws and doctor visits, but my emotions – nope they are gone.  I think I was completely numb during that time.   Even in the midst of all of the fertility treatments I was reminded of a song that I feel like really ministered to me. It’s by John Waller and it’s called “While I’m Waiting”.  

During that specific time period it was really hard, but God gave us a gift that some may think is one of the strangest forms of a gift- MIDDLE SCHOOLERS.  Yep you heard me 6-8th graders!!! We were still serving back in the middle school room. Who would have guessed that 50+ Middle Schoolers would help us in the healing process and probably unaware)? That was what brought healing and purpose back to our lives especially me.

Hopefully this little note gives you a little encouragement.  You may never know what shape or form every good & perfect gift may be given to you – in our case 50+ middle schoolers.:)


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